Welcome to our brand new Playlist page, which allows you to listen to what we listen to, as we have built playlists to show off what we are digging. We think you will too…

Here’s this months TOP Playlist, as picked by our Editor-in-Chief, Piri;

And here’s last months…

Lets hear from Eric aka Steezy E, a regular Beats contributor;
“Mixed bag of tunes this month, some nice chilled electronic tracks, bass heavy tunes through to exploring a couple of hip hop flips with some French disco/funk thrown in for good measure.”
Here’s his previous:

Says Eric “A selection of tunes I’ve been digging over the past month or so, mixing in some local Tassie, Sydney & NZ producers along with some international flex. Got some jazz inspired boom bap, new rap shit, bass, future beats, grime and a few things in between…”

Next, from one of our roving reporters, Therese Watson, also known as that cool keyboard player from that band Enerate, comes this playlist, chock full of Indie goodness;

Our Melbourne Editor Alan Weedon is up next with a short but sweet selection of awesome;

He breaks it down….

“1. Tom Day & Moonsoonsiren Love Is Rain.

This is one mellow track to kick off our inaugural ‘best of’ lists for the month. First off, they’re Australian, and secondly, their collective ‘Zero Through Nine’ is only a month old . Being another electronic collective, it’ll be interesting to see where these guys place themselves in lieu of the success story that is This Thing.

2. These New Puritans And It’s Risen. [Performed live at the BBC Maida Vale Studios for Zane Lowe]

Fields of Reeds is probably best album that the These New Puritans have released so far.
Hearing it performed live for the BBC, is another story in itself. Admittedly, TNP isn’t going to score significant radio play (in Aus at least), but if there’s one way you’re introduced to them, it might as well be this.

The Quietus’ Luke Turner couldn’t have put it any better:

There’s [lead] Jack Barnett’s refusal to feel he needs to explain what he does, and the wilful determination to challenge themselves in instrumentation, arrangement and playing. Most of all, though, These New Puritans have defied British indie’s default setting of insipid conservatism, stasis and complacency.

3. Banoffee Ninja

This is how acts like How To Dress Well should sound. Seeing her perform with D.D Dumbo at Melbourne’s Worker’s Club the other night only went on to solidify why I hold her with such esteem. She’ll make you dance, but marvel at her voice, too. This track’s been around for a year now, but with Banoffee doing the rounds in Melbourne, it’s time you were re-acquainted.

4. Abigail Wyles Mantra

This track seems to be caught between styles, first presenting itself as a Bibio/Bonobo overdub. Wyles’ vocals though, fit the bill of ‘indie-pop’ along the lines of Austra and Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek. Hailing from London (of course), Wyles’ ‘Mantra’ is one pretty solid introduction for a performer with Souncloud followers still lingering in the hundreds.

5. Big Scary Luck Now

This selection is merely representative of the fact you need to drop all things and buy Not Art right now. One Souncloud track will not do enough justice to this truly beautiful record. Personal pick is ‘Twin Rivers’.”

Layth Saeed is a newer member of the TOP fam, but has great taste;

“I’m usually into my shoegaze and psych but I’m just drowning in a sea of awesome beats at the moment so I’ll try and throw in some more guitars next time. I’ve pretty much got Saturday night then slowly bleeding into Sunday morning with The Black Angels at the end there because their’s has been the best show I’ve seen all year and I just couldn’t go past it. Loving both Royalston and Moonbase Commander at the moment, two excellent Sydney producers and also Spoonty doing very well representing my home town the Blue Mountains. I also threw in a live version of a Massive Attack classic in honour of their hitting our shores later this year.”

Nathan Hewitt is our new Contributing Editor, so titled as he contributes quite a lot to TOP, here’s his playlist;

“A mix of tunes liked for months and ones picked up just recently. Some incredible textures and sampling works. New Beck and Atoms For Peace give some unsettling electro, Danger Mouse guides Portugal. The Man toward his unmistakable production warmth. Caveman are the indie kings for 2013, ‘In The City’ their crowning achievement. Otherwise suss Ben Ottewell who played a show in Melbourne last week and two returning wizards in Josh Homme and Bernard Fanning. ‘I Appear Missing’ really needs no intro.”

Erstwhile Kiwi Beats contributor Sam Stephenson, who has been sighted in Brizvegas and Perth of late, passed us his picks;

“Sitting between Hamilton and LA, perfectly romantic and sleazy as fuck, with views ranging from those of The Dalai Lama to those of Tony Abbott, this is geographically, emotionally, and morally confused. It sounds good though.”

Our resident jaded Jazz dude, and champion reviewer, John Hardaker, knocked together this beauty;

“Here are 20 good things that relate to articles I have written over the last couple of years for TOP. I was going to write a bit about each piece but (yet again) I will take refuge in a cliché and let the music speak for itself, which it always does better than I ever can.”

Our man in Adelaide, Tobias Handke has contributed “a collection of tunes almost as enjoyable as a Bill Cosby sweater.”