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If there’s one thing I achieve from writing for this site, it’s turning you onto the myriad delights of Nantes, France based scratch-dj champions (several team DMCs) and top notch production crew 20 Syl, Greem, Atom and Pfel aka C2C (Coups 2 Cross). I’d also settle for an Australian tour from them too. Quite simply they are really, really, really good.

OK, so lets take a closer look. Mining terrain similar to fellow former DJ legends A-Skillz and DJ Yoda, via compatriots Chinese Man and Air, these guys have quite the deft touch with dope basslines, popping beats, cool samples, and great use of vocalists and vocal samples. For this album, they’ve enlisted the help of Rita J, Moongaï, Pigeon John, Derek Martin, Gush, Jay-Jay Johanson, Lendeunf, Blitz The Ambassador, fellow scratch champions Tigerstyle, Netik, Rafik, Vajra & Kentaro, as well as Mr everywhere, Olivier Daysoul. Clocking up well over 150000 fans on facebook, this is their debut, and boy, what a debut!

It kicks off with ‘The Cell,’ a nice slice of bass heavy business, probably one of my favourites on the album. Killer vocal chops and scratches, wild arpeggios, tough beats all ride the squelchy bassline, to great effect. A proper club banger, not unlike some recent A-Skillz tunes. Next comes ‘Down The Road’ which instantly reminds me of Boozoo Bajou‘s last album, with blues vocals, harmonicas and guitars chopped up over an almost Daft Punk-esque beat, French Touch Blues. Another solid tune, check it out below. Then we have ‘Kings Season’ with Rita J. & Moongaï. It’s not one of my favourite, but it’s good, flipping between kinda dream-pop flavours and another groove that wouldn’t sound out of place under an Azalea Banks vocal. It’s a bit commercial for me, but it’d still likely light up a club.

The track with Pigeon John, ‘Because of You,’ with it’s catchy chorus and dope raps over a popping beat, has definite echoes of a certain legendary Gorillaz track, but it’s a nice tune. Perhaps it’s aped a little too closely, but who said everything had to be entirely original in this day and age! ‘Delta’ is next, another with a definite blues element, but this time it’s only the vocal sample, over a classic French Touch style House beat, all shimmering keys, and elastic bass. It’s a right funker, the cool vocal chops adding to the groove, infectious for sure. Opening with a cool scratched female child vocal, the track with Olivier Daysoul, ‘Who Are You,’ is dope. On beat pianos, -more elastic bass, fast drums with a half time break ala ‘Hey Ya,’ it’s sunshine music, the kind you have to fingersnap to. It also has major echoes of another song, but I can’t pick it.

Derek Martin pops up to provide vocals next, on the jazzy ‘Happy,’ rocking an electro-swing beat, not disimiliar to the track they constructed as part of their legendary DMC routine, which had a major impact on popularising that sound, whether you think that’s a good or bad thing! Personally I love their take on it, not such a fan of some other variations on the theme. ‘Give Up The Ghost’ with Jay-Jay Johanson is next, inviting comparisons with Air’s classic Moon Safari sound, only with dirtier bass. Dreamy vocals, vocoder and keys, a loping beat, the odd zooming arpeggio and that bass. It’s a tight tune. ‘The Beat’ is next, and it’s a banger. Showcasing their scratching nicely, alongside some choice vocal samples, this could be one of their routines, in the best sense. The beat is sparse, just bass, some polite synths and pianos, and a tough 80’s electro-esque backbeat, with them scratching a storm over the top, splicing in layers of vocal samples. One of my picks on the album.

The first time I heard ‘Genius’ I hadn’t read the title and though the vocalist (Gush) was singing “Jesus… Is alright,” and funnily enough it could work just as well as Christian pop song! It’s super sunny side up, I can picture a congregation with their hands in the air swaying and clapping. Not at all what they intended, I’m sure, but hard to shake once the thought is in my head! ‘Together’ with Ledeunff & Blitz The Ambassador, is next. It feels like a Lyrics Born or Jurassic 5 track, kinda up-tempo funky rap. It’s good, bouncing along, with bonus nutso flamenco guitar(?). Up next is the latest single ‘Arcades,’ which is awesome. Tiny slices of sound all meshed together with great skill, and the best harpsichord solo I’ve heard in some time. Definitely one of my picks, check it for yourself, the vids good too…

Second to last is the scratch-fest ‘Le Banquet,’ presumably for banquet of scratch, enlisting Tigerstyle, Netik, Rafik, Vajra & Kentaro. That’s a lot of scratch. There’s something quite epic going on here, kinda sounds like it should be on the Rocky soundtrack, only with a DMC battle at the end instead of the boxing. The different scratches provide different colour to the track, ending up only slightly over-blown. As a finale is the lead single ‘F.U.Y.A,’ which spent a month as our featured video back in v.1. It’s still a favourite, and that video, Faaaark! So good.

So all in all, an accomplished debut from these four scratch champs, proving they’re not just handy on the faders, but know their way around arrangement and melody as well. As I’ve mentioned it owes some debt to certain artists, but it never comes off as derivative. It may not be entirely original, but, really, what is? It’s a testament to their hardwork that it’s as cohesive as it is too, flowing nicely, much like a good mixtape. To a degree it’s music for DJs, by DJs, but equally can be enjoyed as a a purely listening experience. While they seem to have taken France by storm already, hopefully this album will see them go worldwide.

An album preview mixup…

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I don’t know how they hooked it up, but you can stream the album here.

The complete videography (minus the scratch routines)…

C2C – Down The Road (starring Richie Jackson)… by C2Cofficial

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