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Kiwi producer Module (Jeramiah Ross) isn’t your typical multi-instrumentalist producer type. He’s pretty much a virtuoso pianist, and more than likely kills it on just about any instrument you might put in front of his. What’s more he doesn’t just produce, he Composes, in the time honoured traditional way. He’s just released a brand new album, Imagineering, which is nothing short of spectacular. It’s not poppy, it doesn’t have massive wobbly basslines, it’s not instantly accessible, it just doesn’t play by any of the modern rules of what a hip producer type should be making. I think it’s safe to say he marches to his own damn drum. We took some time to find out a bit more about what makes him tick. Take it away Mr Module….

Tell us in your own words what your sound is.

Changeable ! But kinda like electronic, but very musical based, electronic music made organically. I play keyboards into the computer, record live instruments as much as I can, love all types of music. I am influenced by lots of different types of music. A lot of Synthesizer music and sounds. But yeah, just try to make stuff that connects to people that feels good to me.

Who makes up your band?

Mostly Myself, I like working with other musicians and vocalists or creating virtual robots to sing my songs..

What were your influences when you first started writing music? And what are your influences now?

I loved Fleetwood Mac, Jean Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd, War of the Worlds growing up… Now its Air, Pink Floyd, Bon Iver, Amon Tobin

What are you working on at the moment?

Sound design and music for a few games, just finished some interactive design for some primo websites, working on some remixes and a few other ideas for new albums taking shape.
A new piano album. Actually pretty damm busy LOL ;)

Do you have a procedure for writing music?

I do use Ableton Live, but really depends what it is, I’ll usually come up with a riff and then build up from there… Sometimes a tempo or a beat or whatever, I like writing shit on the guitar
play around with a bunch of chords or some cool stuff on the synths and build from there. I love playing bass.

If you could collaborate with any musician in the world, Who would you collaborate with?

David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. Making some music with him would be a dream come true. He’s such a dude.

What do you think about Wellington’s music scene? And if you could play anywhere, where would you love to perform?

Wellington’s music scene has always been filled of really amazing and lovely people. Lots of different cats doing lots of awesome shit.

I have noticed a bit of rock coming through again. Big muffy guitars.

I would love to perform in a airport hanger, that would be such a mint space to do something really cool.

Seen any good bands lately?

Nah, I havent managed to escape the studio in a long time, Been meaning too, I really wanted to go see Steve Vai and Joe Satriani (ed. we did) recently.

Any interesting stories?

I was playing at Splore and my computer crashes in front of 5000 people, so I started jamming out with them, while I play some sexy keyboards and restart my computer (with my foot). That became a highlight.

Performing on the pipe organ in the Auckland Town Hall for Fly My Pretties.

Many fun and crazy summers at Leigh sawmill.

Where are you playing next?

I am looking at a few options later in the year hopefully translating Imagineering into a full live experience somehow magically :)

Here’s his new album…

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