The Vines Drummer Hamish Rosser Joins Wolfmother

The Vines drummer Hamish Rosser today announced he has left the group and joined Wolfmother as their new drummer. Fasterlouder reported the news, with Rosser dismissing gossip that he had be ‘dumped’ by the band, stating he and The Vines frontman Craig Nicholls don’t see eye to eye.

“Part of the reason for falling out with Craig is that I’ve always enjoyed playing in more than one band at any given time. Its important for your growth as a musician to put yourself in different musical situations and this was always an issue with Craig.”

We spoke with Rosser today and asked him a few questions about how he got involved with Wolfmother and what lies ahead.

Tell us about your departure from The Vines. Are you still in contact with them or have you cut ties completely?

I still speak to Ryan and Brad all the time but haven’t been able to get a call through to Craig since November

What have you been up to since your departure?

I like to keep busy. I’ve been playing with a band called The Cracks for a while now. I work as a tour manager and was recently out on the Soundwave tour in Feb/March. I also relocated from Sydney to the north coast in February. And I’m still brewing beer when I can find time.

How did you get I involved with the Wolfmother guys? Did you know them before or did someone tell you they where looking for a drummer?

I met Andrew at Splendour in the Grass a couple of years back but I believe it was their booking agent that passed on my number to the Wolfmother camp when they were looking for someone to play drums. They called me which is rather flattering

Did you go through an audition process to get the gig or was it more casual?

A bit of both actually. I met up with the guys when I was in Brisbane in November and caught up over a couple of beers and a pub meal. I then flew up to Brisbane for a proper audition at the start of the year.

You must be excited for your first performance with the group tom? What can fans expect?

Pyro. Lots of pyro. And drum solos

The band is touring with Lenny Kravitz soon. That must be exciting?

Let Love Rule is an amazing album. I hope he plays a good amount of his back catalogue

Can you tell us any details about a new Wolfmother album?

Hey, I’m just the new guy. What I can tell you is that there is at least one new song in the set.

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