NEWS: ABC Axes Arts

The ABC has decided to axe its Arts division, and a statement will be made later today.

With shows like Spicks and Specks with Adam Hill (a music comedy show that served as a platform for artists and bands) already gone, and other special interest programmes like the New Inventors axed makes the future of Australian arts programming highly uncertain. Arts programming will be outsourced to the private sector, apparently. Other arts programming under the ‘Artscape’ umbrella will have their production shut down. Graeme Thomson, the ABC section secretary of the Community and Public Sector Union, blames director Kim Dalton for his “ideologically-driven approach”. A number of ABC staff have already been made redundant.

Word on the street is the ABC overspent their budget on their News 24 programming, and the production of their new show “Crownies” proved costly.

What does this mean for tax-payer funded arts and music programming? Only time will tell. Let’s hope Rage stays on the tube.

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