Freshly Squeezed! Buchanon

Melbourne band, Buchanon, has got our kudos for band of the moment at We are loving their sound and looking forward to attending their gigs in future. These lads have already shared the stage with the likes of Kimbra, Papa VS Pretty, Tim & Jean and Gypsy and the Cat. I’m sure it won’t be long before these bands will be supporting them!

Buchanon’s strengths lie in the their melody and arrangement. They’re pure, fun pop/rock jingles. However, there’s nothing light about these pop tracks. There is a certain sincerity and grounding to the songs that really resonate between their listeners. There’s something about the songs that make you want to run and dance like when you were 8 years old or remember the dreams and emotions you had as a teenager.

Their sound could be described as having the heart of Band of Horses and the presence of Darwin Deez and Phoenix. Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it right and creating a sound that will be uniquely their own.

Here are a few of their gigs if you’re in the area:

23rd July at the Corner Hotel, Richmond, VIC

24th July at the Corner Hotel, Richmond, VIC

6th August at Tone, Surry Hills, NSW *WIN TICKETS

13th August at Edinburgh Castle, Adelaide, SA

Check out their song “Teachers“. We can’t get enough of it at TOP HQ. Here we leave you with a video of their track “Mr.Keeperman”.

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